Building a More Inclusive Community


The Movement

Fashion has evolved for the better over the years. Body inclusivity has become a big part of the progress since the encouragement for the fashion industry to join the body inclusive movement is intensifying. Different brands now cater to different body types, which is amazing! It gives people the opportunity to find clothes that fit them perfectly without having to settle for something that’s not their size, style, or, worse, be ashamed of their bodies.

Although the fashion industry is working in the right direction, there's still a lot of progress to be made. Clothing manufacturers, fashion houses, and boutiques all play a crucial role in making the body inclusivity movement successful. By ensuring plus-size outfits are available to the masses, people of all shapes and sizes can fashionably join the movement.

Hayden LA is joining the inclusive movement, are you?



All-Inclusive Fashion

All women should be able to find fashionable clothing that fits them well and makes them feel their most authentic self. That's why many boutiques are now adding plus-size lines to their inventory.

It can be difficult for plus-size women to find clothing that fits them properly and looks good. Most stores only stock a limited selection of plus-size items, and they're often not the most stylish or well-made pieces. But, with a dedicated plus-size line, including formal and casual to boho wear, women can finally shop for clothing that is flattering and timeless. Inclusive fashion is more than just size, it's style, representation, community, acceptance, and more!




Take A Step in the Right Direction

If you haven’t added a plus-size line to your boutique’s offerings, it’s high time to start. Whether you extend all your contemporary pieces to offer plus sizes or curate a specific plus size collection, it's important you begin incorporating plus sizing into your boutique. The fashion industry growing and many brands are now offering plus-size lines in their collections and now it's your turn.



Growing Opportunities

There are many reasons why this is beneficial. First and foremost, it would show that your boutique cares about all women, no matter their size. Secondly, it can be quite profitable. The average dress size in America has grown to size 14 or 16, which is already considered plus-size, so by not having a plus-size line, businesses are missing out on a market that is growing every day.

It can be difficult to find stylish clothing in plus-sizes, so by offering such a line, businesses will not only be providing a service but also filling a need. And, finally, it will send a message of body positivity to all women, which is an important message to spread in today's society.



Hayden LA Plus

Hayden LA is for Women, of all sizes, who enjoy fun, feminine, casual to boho style. 

Our curated collections aim to honor and inspire women and tweens to be and feel their most authentic selves. We want to bring out the confidence in every HLA woman, no matter their size or style! 

Our plus-size lines offer a wide range of colors, prints, material, silhouettes, so women can find the perfect fit for their body type. We also carry a variety of styles, from casual to formal, so women can dress for any occasion. 




Join Us

We at Hayden Los Angeles aim to provide an inclusive selection of outfits for our clients to display in their boutiques. We encourage all of our buyers to consider adding plus to their boutiques. 

Check out our Hayden LA Plus line now to find the best styles for your customers and join us in our body positivity movement!

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