Work From Home Fashion 101

Working from home in comfy sweats or pajamas has its perks; we won’t deny that. It only becomes a bit of a problem when your boss or team decides to surprise you with a Zoom video call. 

Your customers probably won’t be ditching their sweats, pajamas, and soft worn tees any time soon. But with Hayden LA’s women’s wear that flawlessly blends comfort, confidence, style, and professionalism, your boutique customers will surely keep coming back for more. 

Keep reading below to see our curated picks for working from home.

Women’s Cropped Collared Button-Down Jumpsuit 



Jumpsuits are an absolute heaven-send for all of us on a work from home setup. This cropped collared button-down jumpsuit is light and airy—perfect for a hot day working from home. 

 No need to fear surprise Zoom meetings while wearing this jumpsuit. This one and done jumpsuit is perfect for an effortless boost of confidence for all your customers.

 It’s comfortable enough to wear the whole day without feeling overdressed. We’re sure your customers will feel like they’re just wearing pajamas, making this jumpsuit an absolute WFH go-to outfit.

Women’s Texture Rib Knit Flare Sleeve Top and Shorts



This outfit is business on top but pajamas on the bottom. Many people would say that’s what working from home is all about, and this outfit absolutely delivers. 

 The subtle rib knit and sleeve flare gives the shirt a business-casual look while feeling as soft as your oldest shirt. Plus the shorts will let your customers remain fresh and cool as the temperatures rise and we enter summer. With this chic and comfy set, your customers will look and feel good!

Women’s Pleated Puff Sleeve Ribbed Knit Top



This top is deceptively simple and oh-so-comfortable. The puff detail on the sleeves adds a business-casual touch that’s easily visible in any video call. It’s a great way to seem like your customers put in more effort for the meeting without actually doing so. 

 This shirt can be paired with shorts, sweats, or yoga pants! The versatility of this top will suit any unique personality of any customer.

Women’s Sleeveless Strappy Back Knit Jumpsuit



This sleeveless strappy back knit jumpsuit is for all the girls who can (and probably will) hop on a last-minute Zoom call while wearing pajamas. We salute your confidence! On the other hand, why not just wear clothes that are basically pajamas trying to pass as professional wear? 

 Hayden LA’s monochrome jumpsuit looks and feels like any pair of pajamas or sweats but gives off a more polished look. And even better, this can easily be worn for a quick grocery run or a night out with friends after work. Suggest your customers wear colorful sneakers or sandals depending on what they feel suits their self-expression best!.

Women’s Ruffled Sleeve Striped Swing Dress



Any boxy fit top or dress is a blessing when working through the heat at home. The sage green stripes add a cool feeling to the dress, too. 

 This soft, loose swing dress will be every woman’s favorite piece to throw on. There’s no need to mix and match tops and bottoms, so you can get a little more time under the covers. Again, the sleeve detail adds an effortlessly chic style that’s visible in any Zoom call. Who doesn't love a swing dress that is curated for comfort, confidence, and chicness? 

This is the perfect outfit for a quick walk on the beach to cool off from the heat or stress!

Hayden LA offers more comfy and chic work-from-home essentials for any woman's wardrobe in our WFH collection! Visit today and stock up on the style inspirations that will best encourage the true confidence of your fashion boutique customers.

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