What To Expect From Hayden Los Angeles in 2022

The arrival of the new year is the perfect time to start off NEW! With the New Year comes new opportunities, new changes, and new beginnings. In celebration of new opportunities and positive change, Hayden Los Angeles also views this occasion as a chance to introduce some new changes while remaining true to our mission as a brand. That said, here’s what you can expect from us come 2022:

Timeless Designs 

Some say that fashion is temporary, but that’s not entirely true — at least not for us. While we are one with women in celebrating change, one thing remains constant for us at Hayden Los Angeles — we will continue to provide unique, timeless designs that support self-expression. Quality, inclusivity, and true fit will always be present in our apparel as we believe in the power of self-expression and originality.

Through our timeless designs, our customers and partners can showcase styles that transcend the seasons. Trends may come and go, but our designs will continue to focus on providing quality and versatility that nurture confidence regardless of age or generation. We will also continue to pay attention to the finer details that make each piece unique. Rather than conforming to the usual trends, we will continue to offer designs that transcend age and size. 

Celebration of the Authenticity 

Out with the old and in with the new — that’s the prevalent mindset with the arrival of the new year. One of the ways people can accomplish this is by changing their look to express their ideal self. 

To celebrate their steps toward more exciting and fulfilling lives, Hayden Los Angeles will continue to be the go-to inclusive apparel brand that seeks to inspire every woman and tween girl to chase after their most authentic self. 

With the upcoming additions to our line, we will continue to make it our mission to help empower and showcase inclusivity. As a brand, we want our customers to make every woman and tween girl feel confident in what they wear on any occasion. Whether they’re out to see the world, form new friendships, enjoy their free time, or become mentors to other women, Hayden Los Angeles is committed to providing store owners with the most versatile apparel, so they can give their customers the elegance and poise to rise above every challenge. 

Regular Posts 

As the world is now even more connected through social media, Hayden Los Angeles will also continue to make daily posts on all our platforms. This way, we can demonstrate more of our new arrivals while strengthening the spirit of community we have built among our customers and partners. With this, we can easily stay connected, foster interaction, and update those who are already following our brand or those seeking a clothing line that is aligned with their goals and lifestyle.

Aside from regular social media posts, we will also be posting biweekly blogs on our website. Through our blog, boutique and store owners can be updated with not just new styles but also the various trends for each season. Expect to read more of our style guides, fashion essentials, and how-to articles, so your customers can have the best look no matter the season! 

New Arrivals for Spring/Summer 2022

Our updates don’t just stop at our social media posts and blogs. We also have a huge line sheet of Spring/Summer 2022 new arrivals. From pastels to floral print and more, you will find your dream Spring/Summer inventory in our S/S 2022 collection

Select Spring/Summer 2022 styles can already be seen on our website, but there are more that will be released for the remainder of this year and well into the next. You can browse our website to see what’s already available and stay tuned for more surprises! 


This coming 2022, Hayden Los Angeles will also be joining new tradeshows where we can share many of our available apparel while also displaying new arrivals. We hope to see you at a tradeshow, so you can see what’s in store while connecting with us! In case you won’t be able to make it, you can always speak to one of our representatives if you’re interested in acquiring any of our offerings for your store. 

New Year, New Look

Every new year is an opportunity to change your look. That goes for boutiques, too! With our Spring/Summer collection for 2022, you can join your customers in celebrating positive changes while remaining true to what makes you authentic! If this sounds like something you’re interested in, contact us or visit our site for more information.

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