Hayden LA Trend Report


This fashion trend report will keep you in the loop on the most significant fashion trends destined to stay in the runways and magazines for a long time. Keep an eye out for oversized puff sleeves, feminine, tie-dye, animal prints, pleating, and plaid.

Womens Chambray Tiered Dress

Puff Sleeves

Get behind one of the fashion scene's newest favorites—oversized puff sleeves! These cute sleeves make their way into stylish tops, dresses, and outerwear in fashion shows, window displays, and everyday clothing. We have mastered this look with flattering silhouettes and textures like our wardrobe staple Puff Sleeve Tiered Dress.


The tie-dye has been around for a long time, but it’s made a huge comeback as one of the biggest fashion trends.  We see brands using tie-dyes on loungewear, streetwear, and activewear. It now comes in many silhouettes, and shades—even in beautifully matted monotones that everyone adores. Check out our wide variety of cool tie-dyes, from comfy sets to elevated everyday classic tees. 

Womens Tie Dye Relaxed Tee
Womens Animal Print Buttoned Sweater Cardigan

Animal Print

Any trend report will recommend animal prints. They are a classic and they’re definitely back in style. Animal prints are a great way to add pizzazz to any outfit, so go ahead and add a flare of print to your wardrobe. The best thing about animal print is that this fashion trend can be worn in so many ways so layer up in style with our Animal Print Buttoned Cardigan! 


Fads come and go, and any trend report will tell you now that pleats are in! Pleats are a great way to add comfort and movement to any outfit, and we aren't shying away from this fashion trend because we love creating volume in our favorite silhouettes. Stand out and be bold in our Snake Print Blouse- it’s our most loved print and detailing! 

Womens Pleated Sleeve Snake Print Top

Never out of style

Keep in mind that a fashion trend report like this aims to guide trendsetters to look their best and not tell them what they can and can't wear. Any getup worn with confidence and a winning attitude will never go out of style.

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