How To Style Summer Essentials

While others are dreading summer's heat, some of us love it as we get to dress up. As a boutique owner, this is the time of the year to stock up on trending women's wear.  There’s nothing better than getting your shop a new wardrobe before the summer heat arrives. As the temperatures get hotter, update your racks with fresh and stylish summer looks. Good thing there are endless best sellers for women to be found at Hayden LA! Our apparel is all set, and we’re equally excited as you to see these apparels worn by your customers when summer finally heats up. The hottest fashion and trending summer-ready clothing ideas for this season are about to spice up your closet — from vibrant colors to pairing separates. Keep reading to find out about some of our best sellers this season!

The Mini Dress with a White Denim Jacket


The best thing about wearing a mini-dress is that it can be suitable for any time of the year. Mini dresses are fashionable regardless of the season: winter, spring, summer, or fall, depending on your location. But of course, they're best worn during this time of the year. 


Fashionable Summer Mini Dresses 

 During the summer season, you can expect dresses to come up in full volume. There are plenty of styles to pick from: paisley, gingham, polka dot, floral, and more fascinating prints to display in your store.  Look out for mini dresses in vibrant prints, gorgeous pastels, and lively spring shades. Or, get spring mini dresses with slits on the side and captivating necklines. You may also want to get a supply of mini-dresses with off-the-shoulder sleeves, a spaghetti strap, or just a cap sleeve. Hayden LA has a variety of mini dresses for you to choose from.

Tips for Styling a Mini Dress with a White Denim Jacket 

 Let your buyers wear a Hayden LA white denim jacket on top of their floral mini dress. This is a perfect way to infuse some appeal into their daily collection. You could also suggest they doll up their outfit with footwear. 

1. Pairing a mini dress and a white denim jacket makes an attractive concept for a casual but unquestionably elegant outfit. If your customers want the glam factor, you can introduce the outfit with white leather heeled sandals. 

2. Likewise, you can also suggest matching their mini dress with a white denim jacket and white canvas low-top sneakers. This will make a great match for their ensemble.

Pastel Flutter Sleeve and High-Waisted Shorts


Besides mini-dresses, you should also offer a pastel flutter sleeve shirt and high-waisted shorts. If your customers want to wear different outfits of various styles, let them know that it's the small details that distinguish a good-looking attire from a great one. The Hayden LA flutter sleeve-top is the best example of this. Whether your customers want their shorts to come in black or white, high-waisted shorts will always be a popular piece in your summer boutique.

Pairing Flutter Sleeve Shirts and High-Waisted Shorts 

 1. With many color options available at Hayden LA, you can stock up on various pastel flutter sleeves for your shop. That way, you can suggest any color of flutter sleeves with high-waisted shorts. They can also match the outfit with white sneakers to acquire a casual but cute look. 

 2. Suggest customers wear an olive-green flutter sleeve blouse with high-waisted shorts and pink heels. That way, they can make the attire more elegant and chic.

Wide Leg Pants with a Chambray Crop Top


Another outfit that should be in your shop is our wide-leg pants and chambray crop top. Besides being popular nowadays, this will make a perfect outfit if your customers are looking for comfortable and trending women's wear. 

There are plenty of beautiful wide-leg pants and jeans available at Hayden LA. Thus. you can choose any color and fabric to display in your shop. As for the chambray top, one of our best sellers, we have it in various sizes to fit any body type. 

How To Look Great in Wide Leg Pants With a Chambray Crop Top 

 Here are some inspired wide-leg pants and chambray crop-top ensembles to offer to your customers during the summer seasons. 

 1. Pairing our chambray crop top and wide-leg pants with sandals or simple open toe heels can look perfect in such a way that it does not look overwhelming.  

 2. For when nighttime comes around and it gets a bit cold, suggest your customer pair the outfit with a light cropped jacket to keep you warm yet stylish. 

Crochet Lace Dolman Top with White Pants

Likewise, if customers want to obtain summer fashion in a modest way, let them achieve this by pairing the Hayden LA crochet lace dolman top with white denim pants. A crochet lace dolman can add a feminine touch to any attire, especially if customers are pairing it with white denim pants.  There are always summer days where customers simply prefer a blouse and set of denim jeans.

Styling Crochet Lace Dolman with White Denim  

With the Crochet Lace Dolman Top and White Denim Pants, so many accessories can be paired to make the perfect fit! Suggest your customers to accessorize with a brown leather bag, hat, and belt to make it more fun.  With this outfit so many shoes can be paired with it. Sneakers, heels, sandals, ankle boots you name it, it would perfectly tie in this outfit.

We Offer Wholesale For Shop Owners

There are so many more outfits available at Hayden LA. Visit our site to see our various outfit choices suitable for the whole season!

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