Hayden Los Angeles’ Same Style, Different Size

Hayden Los Angeles is a proud vendor to be offering extended sizing for the modern woman. We believe that every woman should feel her most authentic self, and we are proud to help women feel confident and stylish, and our extended sizing range is proof of that!


There are many trends these days that show how one garment can look different on various body types. We love this trend because it demonstrates how fashion is for everyone and that style has no size limit. This is something we at Hayden Los Angeles have always believed in and is reflected in our extended sizing offerings of S-3XL!

Our models below demonstrate how our styles can be worn on any body type, proving that confidence and style is not limited by size.

 Floral Pullover Sweater

Ruffle Neck And Smocked Top

Antique Quilted Jacket

Floral Print Dress

Ditsy Floral Dress

Mixed Print Wide Leg Pants

Market for Extended Sizing

We urge you to incorporate extended sizing into your shop. There’s a demand for it and we believe that every woman deserves to wear stylish clothing that makes her feel good.

If you’re a retailer looking to expand your offerings, extended sizing is a great option. Hayden Los Angeles is here to help you make the most of extended sizing and give your customers the fashion they deserve! We hope you’ll join us in offering extended sizing to the modern woman. Together, we can make fashion for everyone!

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