Hayden Los Angeles 2022 Spring & Summer Collection

Are you looking for the newest and most unique fashion pieces to add to your boutique for the upcoming spring and summer season? Our 2022 Summer and Spring Collection at Hayden Los Angeles has everything you need to ensure that your inventory starts with timeless choices and stocks sell out as soon as possible. To get introduced to our Spring/Summer collection of 2022, read on below. 

1. Girls Botanical Print Lace Trim Square Neck Dress

The Botanical Print Lace Trim Square Neck Dress for girls is the perfect match for tweens to enjoy every day of spring and summer. Ensuring style, quality, and a great fit, this gorgeous dress is made from a cotton blend, allowing every girl to feel her most confident. 

2. Girls Texture Stripe Tiered Halter Mini Dress

For a more casual approach to the spring and summer months, we introduce you to the Texture Stripe Tiered Halter Mini Dress. More importantly, we designed this halter mini dress to transcend short-lived trends, so you’ll find that it’s a hit with tweens year after year. 

3. Women’s Floral Print Smocked V-Neck Tiered Dress 

If there’s one word to describe this dress, it’s timeless. Any woman will appreciate the classic Floral Print Smocked V Neck Tiered Dress. Using comfortable blended cotton to create this tangerine-kissed dress, it features a casual to boho style, allowing your customers to reveal their most authentic self. 

4. Women’s Smocked Back Tiered Sleeveless Dress

If you’re looking for something more casual and comfortable to offer customers during the summer months, then you can’t go wrong with our Smocked Back Tiered Sleeveless Dress. Made specifically to make your customers feel their most confident self, this sleeveless dress uses a bold design to contrast the pastel blue background. 

5. Plus Smock Waist Ruffled Tie-Neck Tank 

Plus size clothing should never be boring — we are proud to be a go-to inclusive apparel brand offering our timeless, elevated pieces in all lines from contemporary to tween and especially plus! Our Plus Smock Waist Ruffled Tie-Neck Tank provides quality, style and fit to ensure every Woman looks and feels her most confident and authentic self.

6. Plus Puff Sleeve Botanical Print Square Neck Maxi Dress

Our inclusive designs aim to encourage all women to look and feel their best, and our Plus Puff Sleeve Botanical Print Square Neck Maxi Dress does just that. Using a leaf print against a pastel yellow color, it is a unique piece that is sure to transcend short-lived trends and will be an instant hit in anyone’s wardrobe. 

Hayden Los Angeles' S/S 2022 Collection is timeless, unique, casual to boho, and designed to ensure that every Woman and Tween Girl feels their most authentic selves in order to live their most fulfilled lives. If this is something your boutique aligns with then head on over to our website to discover more styles!

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